Saturday, 14 January 2012

Modem Configuration for ITI DNA-A201BEI (Type-1).


You have chosen ITI modem (Model: ITI DNA-A201BEI). It is a type-1 modem in context to BSNL modem terminology. It has one Ethernet port and one USB port for PC connectivity (No Wi-Fi).
                         I will discuss the bridge configuration (i.e dialer mode) for this modem pictorially with required text when needed. I will break the whole modem configuration procedure in two steps. Please follow the steps:

STEP 1. LAN Configuration:
              Put the IP address in Local Area Connection as-
              IP Add: (Say)
              Subnet Mask:
              Default Gateway:

STEP 2. Modem Configuration:
              Open Internet Explorer or other browser, and put in address bar of browser and hit enter.One window of modem configuration will open, put the user name and password as-
              User Name: admin
              Password: admin

               After providing user name and password, you will come to the home page of modem. Just click on Advanced setup on left side. like-

                 Select all configuration except br_0_0_32 service and click on remove. Then click on edit button, change VCI=35 from 32 then click on

                     click next - > then next -> then next -> then save, like-

                         Then save/reboot.

                            After 2 minutes of rebooting, it wiil complete the modem configuration.



  1. Kindly explain the configuration in PPPoE (i.e. always on mode)for ITI modem (Model: ITI DNA-A201BEI)

  2. please upload BSNL DNA A201BEI usb driver....

  3. hey hi can we connect/disconnect the net manually using this odem dna a201bei ??? i mean not by switching off the modem itself ?

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    Click the above link, then Click the "Download" button, that appears left to the "Share with friends"
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  6. plz send firmware for this modem my email id is -
    and my no is 9732713220

  7. i need a windows 7 usb dirver for this modem

  8. Really useful article

  9. can i connect wifi router to this modem ???????

  10. is there any lan/ethernet driver available??
    my ethernet is not working..

  11. I am getting a totally different setup page!!!
    Here is a screenshot of it. I want to check the MTU of it as my Linksys E900 is frequently disconnects to PC

  12. kindily any one say me how to connect internet to two systems by using bsnl modem

  13. hey cannot access the modem without connecting to internet using the dialer

  14. plz mail me at

  15. I tried connecting this modem with Tp-Link wifi router!
    but its not working.Does this modem really supports Wifi?

  16. m using this modem for the past 2yrs bt now I want 2 use BEETEL 450TC1 plz tell how to configure??????????????????????????/

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  18. can i make this in a wifi hotspot with any kind of other hardware and software ....without taking other wifi modem...

  19. Hei, my type 1 modem(same the discussed above) has become very slow. It takes around 15 min to start. What should I do? It has completed 2 yrs.So I think it is not in warranty now.

  20. Hello bro, i am opting for BSNL Broadband connection, i just want to know can i use any modem/ router? Also note that i will be having broadband connection from my landline and i dont need wifi as i dont have any wifi enabled mobile, so it this modem enough for me?
    The link :

    plz help asap

  21. Sir
    i want configure this modem in bridge mode using telnet.
    how it ..
    what commands....

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  24. Done all d commands but not able to connect to the internet, plz help me out


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