Broadband Error Codes

If you are customer of broadband and using Bridge mode (or dialer mode) connection, you must have experienced these or at least some of these errors at least once in your system and then you keep scratching your head that what the hell went wrong when you were doing every thing accordingly. Stop scratching your head, because I am providing the solutions for those errors.

                Though it is a very vast topic but I will touch all the frequent coming error codes. I will take the error codes not according to ascending/ descending order, but according to frequency of error occurrence.

  • ERROR 678: "The remote computer did not respond"

       It is most common broadband error code and I am sure most of you have faced this error once in your system.         


    1. Wrong connection at broadband CPE.
    2. LAN card of PC may be disabled.
    3. PC Ethernet (LAN card) port fault/ Driver corrupt.
    4. Line problem between your end and POP of Internet Service Provide
    5. Modem fault/ Modem Configuration Fault.
    6. Voice and Data Splitter at your end may be faulty.
    7. Spy ware is running on the computer and is interfering with
      the connection.
    8. Third-party firewall software is blocking the connection.
    9. Server down or due to higher network element faults at ISP.


       Please follow instruction step-by-step to solve this error:

1.       Check whether ADSL/ DSL/ Link light of your modem is stable glowing or not. If it  is Stable, then take a ping test from your PC to modem.

Procedure for PING Test:

start-> run,

then type “ping –t” and press enter.

If reply is ok, then check the modem configuration. If reply is not ok (i.e. Destination host unreachable or request time out), then LAN card/ Ethernet Driver or modem is faulty. So, better you check your modem in another PC or laptop for modem verification.

2.       If ADSL/ DSL/ Link light of your modem is not stable means either blinking or off. First of all check your CPE (i.e. Modem, Splitters, Phone Jack etc.) Physical

connection, whether all are connected perfectly. If all is ok, then surpass the Splitter box and directly terminate the line cable to your modem, it should work if your splitter is faulty. Still your Link light is not stable then you should lodge a complain to BSNL office or through online complain Portal.

  • ERROR 769: “The specified destination is not reachable”


       Due to LAN port disabled.


      Enable the LAN port (or Local Area Connection).


       Start->setting->control panel->network connection->right click on local area connection->enable.

  • ERROR 691: Access was denied because the user name and/or password was invalid on the domain”                                


1.       Incorrect User name or password, or Spelling error.

2.       Due to forget of changed password.

3.       Due to wrong port binding by ISP.

4.       Due to authentication problem in AAA server of ISP.


1.       Check spelling of User name & password.

2.       Verify Caps Lock Key.

3.       Ask to BSNL office for password reset.

  • ERROR 676: “The phone line is busy”


       Due to Modem Configuration problem.


       Reconfigure the modem with correct value of VPI/ VCI.

  • ERROR: 619- “The remote computer did not respond and port was closed”


1.       It occurs when another application / process requires the same port as being used by the broadband / internet modem. In particular, fax software is often associated with error 619.

2.       Due to corrupted Modem USB driver (If using).

3.       Due Registry Problem.

4.       You may have installed a router and is causing you some issues with connectivity.


1.       Most of the time, when you restart your system it automatically solved.

2.       Fix your System registry problem with registry cleaning software.

3.       Uninstall and reinstall your Broadband modem USB driver.

  • ERROR 651: “Your modem (or other connecting device) has reported an error”

This error comes mainly on Windows 7 OS. This problem is due to problem in windows 7 files mainly with PPPoE driver file raspppoe.sys.


1.       Replace the raspppoe.sys in Windows/System32/Drivers directory. (High Risk!): The RAS PPPoE driver file “raspppoe.sys” found under c:\windows \system32\drivers folder seems to be the root cause of the problem. Fortunately, we can workaround the problem simply by renaming the original raspppoe.sys file to something like “raspppoe_orig.sys” copying a working file from a Windows Vista system. If you do not have access to a Windows Vista system. You  may  download raspppoe.sys file (unzip) from

2.       Windows System Restore in back date may solve the problems.

3.       Uninstall Microsoft Virtual PC 2007, the problem seems to be fixed.

4.       Disable IPv6 for your connection source.

5.       Reinstall LAN/NIC drivers.

6.       Last but most easy solution is to change the modem configuration from Bridge to

 PPPoE (This procedure I will explain in Modem Configuration Topic).                                         

  • Error 815: “Error connecting broadband connection WAN Miniport (PPPOE)”


This error comes especially on Windows Vista System and as per my practical experience it is due to LAN driver problem or IP related issues. One more reason may be registry Problem.


1.       Login with your admin account and verify IP add.

2.       Uninstall and reinstall your LAN drive.

3.       Fix your System registry problem with registry cleaning software.

  • Error - 630-633: “Port Is Invalid or Busy / The Modem Is Not Installed or Configured for... “                                      

These types of error come basically due to Computer LAN Card problem. So, better you check your card. Some times when you restart your system it automatically solved.

  • Error 718: “Timed out waiting for a valid response from the remote PPP Peer


    1. A problem with the server at the BSNL (This problem occurs if loading is high on the system and number of customers exceeds the traffic handling capacity of system).
    2. The wrong username and or password were entered.
    3. The modem may need initialization string to stabilize its operation.


1.       Reboot the modem.

2.       Make sure the correct username and or password have been entered.

3.       Make a complaint to BSNL regarding this.

Huuff.. Heavy dose!

Thanks for your patience. Have you any query regarding these error codes?


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    1. BSNL 3G is best for wireless data service.
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  7. Is it possible to rename Windows system file?

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    1. Check your firewall is on or off...
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